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The MiracleMind Survey

MiracleMind will offer dozens of courses in the following categories. What courses would you like to see offered?

  • Business & Tech Skills
  • Self-Help & Personal Growth
  • Computer & Internet Skills
  • Consumer Awareness & Protection
  • Grade School
  • High School
  • Continuing Ed for Professionals
  • Holistic Health & Wellness
  • Spiritual & Emotional Development
  • Cultural Studies
  • Civics & Social Evolution
  • Home & Global Environment
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Financial Planning & Investments
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Knowledge for the Next Wave

MiracleMind® is currently building a comprehensive series of courses for consumers in a wide range of categories for one low monthly membership fee. Our courses appeal to a wide audience, including families, small business owners, technical and business professionals, home-based entrepreneurs and lifelong learners.

Why MiracleMind® Makes Sense

  • Convenient, affordable online education for the entire family with a single membership
  • Learning that can enhance your life, grow your career or business, and supplement your children’s education
  • The opportunity to earn as you learn with our generous referral program

About Knowledge …

"The most important, and indeed the truly unique, contribution of management in the 20th Century was the fifty-fold increase in the productivity of the MANUAL WORKER in manufacturing. The most important contribution management needs to make in the 21st Century is similarly to increase the productivity of KNOWLEDGE WORK and the KNOWLEDGE WORKER."
Peter Drucker
"Academic qualifications are important and so is financial education. They're both important and schools are forgetting one of them. Money is kind of a base subject. Like water, food, air and housing, it affects everything yet for some reason the world of academics thinks it's a subject below their social standing."
Robert Kiyosaki
"In today's knowledge-based economy, what you earn depends on what you learn. Jobs in the information technology sector, for example, pay 85 percent more than the private sector average."
Bill Clinton
"A warrior of light who trusts too much in his intelligence will end up underestimating the power of his opponent."
Paulo Coelho
"Knowledge is the antidote to fear."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
"We are approaching a new age of synthesis. Knowledge cannot be merely a degree or a skill.. it demands a broader vision, capabilities in critical thinking and logical deduction without which we cannot have constructive progress."
Li Ka Shing
"If we become increasingly humble about how little we know, we may be more eager to search."
John Templeton

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